Shown below are models that were built between 1985 and 1990.This page is regularly updating content..please keep checking back. Want to know more about a particular car ? Click on thread by that car.

This is a 1987 1440cc MG Metro in New Zealand owned by MGMad.


Another one of Seans car..this time an early MK2 MG 1300.


This is trackielads 1986 grey / silver turbo.

jamescar .jpg

This is Richard and Tans 1989 show winning MK2 turbo.


Here we have a 1986 Turbo in Moonraker Blue owned by retrometro.


This is Mandys Metro Turbo convertible  believed to be the sole survivor of 12 originally made.


Mandys daily runaround which is a 1988 MG Metro Turbo in rare Stone Grey.  Its got a four page feature in the Feb 2008 MG Enthusiasts Magazine. Photo by Rob Hawkins.